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Ph.D. Student in Cartography / GIS at UW-Madison

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My name is Chenxiao Guo 郭晨曉, and I go by "Atlas". I am a Ph.D. Student in Geography (Cartography / GIS) with doctoral minor in Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am a graduate student member of Spatial Computing and Data Mining (SCDM) Lab and UW Cartography Lab (CartLab).

My research direction includes spatiotemporal analytics, cartographic visualization, social media data mining, and natural disaster management, devoted to bridging GeoAI, cartography and social good.


Internship | Research | Teaching | Education


• 2nd Place / Runner-Up in Thematic Map, Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) Map Contest (2024)
• Keynotes Choice for Static Map, Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) Map Contest (2024)
• 1st Place in Black & White Map, Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) Map Contest (2024)
• 1st Place in Most Unique Map, Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) Map Contest (2024)
• Best Student Map, Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) Map Contest (2024)
• President’s Choice, Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) Map Contest (2024)
• People’s Choice (Adult), Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) Map Contest (2024)
• Map Selected for Publication, Esri Map Book, Volume 39 (2024)
• 1st Place / Winner in Cartographic Design (tied), NACIS 2023 Student Map and Poster Competition (2023)
• 1st Place / Most Innovative Map; Cartography Special Interest Group Excellence Award, Esri UC (2023)
• Map Selected for Image Inclusion, Jack Dangermond’s Plenary Session in Esri User Conference (2023)
• 1st Place / Winner, Arthur Robinson Static Print Map Award in 50th CaGIS Map Design Competition (2023)
• 3rd Place in Student Category, GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) Map Contest (2023)
• Map on Exhibition, International Cartographic Exhibition of International Cartographic Conference (2023)
• 2nd Place / Honorable Mention, UW-Madison 14th Annual Digital Salon (2023)
• Map Admitted, UW-Madison 14th Annual Digital Salon (2023) and 12th Annual Digital Salon (2021)
• Map (Dashboard) reached over 80K views, reported on local news multiple times (2022)
• 1st Place / Best Student Map, Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) Map Contest (2021)
• Honorable Mention, David Woodward Digital Map Award in 48th CaGIS Map Design Competition (2021)
• Map Ranked Top 2% out of 600+ submissions, Esri User Conference Map Gallery (2020)
• 1st Prize in Web/Mobile Group, Esri Chinese College Student GIS Development Contest (campus news) (2014)


• Cartography: ArcGIS (Pro, Online, Dashboards, StoryMaps) | MapBox | Leaflet | D3 |
• Design: Illustrator | Photoshop | Blender | Flash | CorelDraw | After Effect | AutoCAD
• GIS/RS: ArcGIS (Pro, Server, Engine) | QGIS | TransCAD | GeoDa | Envi | ERDAS | GE Engine
• Development: JavaScript | HTML | CSS | ASP.NET MVC | Android (Java) | C# | Visual Basic
• Analysis: Python | R | Java | Gephi | PostgreSQL | SQL Server | MongoDB | AWS | SPSS | MATLAB

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--- Reference Map ---

Zibo Map
of Culture
and Tourism

Hometown Mapping Project;
Best Cartographic Design in
2023 NACIS Map Competition

Bilingual Map of
Athens (GA)
and Vicinity

Practically serving Chinese
student communities at
the University of Georgia

Trilingual Map of
Taiwan, “Scenic
Formosa Island”

Most Innovative Map and
Cartography Excellent Award
in 2023 Esri User Conference

--- Thematic Map ---

United States of
Natural Disasters

A comprehensive and creative
visualization of seven
different types of natural
disasters in the U.S.

Map Products
via Institute
for Local

Various projects during
internship at ILSR

Hurricanes in
Contiguous U.S.

Best Print Map in 2022
CaGIS Map Competition

--- Research Map ---

Harvey 2017

Geovisualization of twitter-
based trajectories;
on Esri Map Book Vol.39

Twitter's Gender

UCGIS Poster Presentation
for evaluating the gender
representativeness of twitter

Rescaled Symbol
Design for

Innovative twitter-based
visualization of 2017
Hurricane Harvey

--- Web Application ---


Participated Mapbox-based
web map development
during internship at UNDP

Madison Area
and Wisconsin
Covid Pandemic

Award-winning web/mobile
application with 80K views

U.S. Historical
Hurricanes Geovisualization

Group project of interactive
map application based on
Leaflet and D3 package

--- Web Map ---

Ancient Chinese
Style Web Map

Basemap design with
ancient Chinese fonts, icons,
and color scheme
based on Mapbox Studio

"Not Gone
with the Wind"
Esri Storymap

A story of the unexpected
Hurricane Harvey using
Esri StoryMaps narrative

Harry Potter
Web Map

Mapbox-based customized
web map with H.P. related
sites in the U.K.

--- CartLab 1-Day Design Challenge ---

Mapping U.S.

Tangible and digital flow maps
of incident sites and news;
2024 Design Challenge

Evolution of
the Great Plains

Animations of subtle
topography on surface of
loess tableland in Nebraska;
2023 Design Challenge

Thematic Map
Type ABCs
Through Games

Cartography Curriculum
Design for K5 Education;
2022 Design Challenge

--- News Map (U.S) ---

News Map on
U.S. Congress

Multivarious news map
illustrating congressmen and
governors in U.S. Congress

Mapping the
Unit Change in
Dane County, WI

Chinese news map for
local media MADNEWS

Static Map Series
for Covid-19
Pandemics in
Madison Area

Over 800 daily infographics
with maps for MADNEWS

--- News Map (International) ---

News Map of
2023 Turkey

Minimalism design showing
the effecting countries,
cities, and more info

Overview Map
of Sanxingdui
Ancient City

News map of archeological
sites, such as cultural relics
and city wall ruins

News Map for
RCEP Member

Bilingual quick news map
(country borders according to
People's Republic of China)

--- Covid Map ---

Mapping Twitter
Towards Covid

Value-by-alpha map of
sentiments with twitter
representativeness level

Georgia Flights
Against Covid

Bivariate choropleth map
visualizing the covid case
per capita v.s. vaccination
rate in recent week

Mapping Twitter
User Trajectories
During Covid-19

Exploration with 5 million
trajectories regarding covid-19
using tool

--- Personal Map ---

Map of Lifetime
Footprint in
Memory of My

Grayscale memorial map
with hillshade topography

"When Badger
Meets Bulldog"

Personal map product
illustrating my past and future
road trip routes between
UW-Madison and UGA

Travel Planning
Map of Jiangxi
Province, China

Practical map for my parients'
travel with attraction sites
and transportation info

--- Tangible Map ---

LEGO Map of

Physically building up
statewide terrain and major
cities using LEGO bricks
(one brick = 10 sq mi)

"Madison and
Vicinity" Quilt

Contributing categorical
dot density map using
pricing stickers for a tangible
Map Quilt Challenge project

"The United States of Wisconsin"

Re-structure the de-structured U.S. states into Wisconsin
(1-hour map collage activity)

--- Fun Map ---

Halloween World
Map on Pumpkin

Carving Robinson Projection
map onto ellipsoid (pumpkin),
compromising between
3D globe and flat surface

Hilarious "Home
Metro Map"

Innovative graphic design of
transit map in memory of 2020
home quarantine days
within apartment unit

Map-making in

Engraving maps on sealstone
material as image stamps:
China, Wisconsin, and Zibo

As an "Atlas", I keep enriching myself.



profile image

Cartography is a charming journey. I am always on the way.

After acquiring my doctoral degree, I am willing to work in cartographic/geospatial companies or organizations, applying the essential value of cartographic visualization, geospatial science, and emerging techniques in computer science and artificial intelligence to design more innovative cartographic visualizations, and provide more comprehensive and intelligent location-based services.

I come from Zibo 淄博, a historical and industrial city in eastern China (see my award-winning Zibo Map of Culture and Tourism). I used to live in Jinan, Zhuhai, Taipei, Guangzhou, Athens (GA), Madison/Middleton, Athens (GA) again, and currently back in Madison. As a geography person (an "Atlas"), I keep learning from not only classroom and books, but also nature and our society. I believe that technology should provide more insights in understanding the geographic environment, and serving society. I will play my role via maps.

Besides the academic and professional advances, I also love exploring the world via my hobbies:

Map Collection

Collecting interesting maps has always been my hobby since childhood. I have got a great collection of hundreds of maps, globes and atlases, of various themes, types and textures.


I love both Chinese and English calligraphy / penmanship, especially Zhuanke 篆刻 (seal engraving), which is carving stone seals (stamps) with ancient Chinese characters in seal script 篆書.


I'm crazy about traditional Irish music, and I actively play the tin/low whistles in local Irish Sessions. I also played the Gugin 古琴 and whistles in Asian Musical Instrument Community Ensemble.

and more...

My hobby list continues with photography, watercolor painting, cycling, hiking, stamping, wax-sealing, traveling, reading... It is of great fun to keep exploring:
"Go into all the world".